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07 Jun
Published by gruti it's free

Today I just wanted to re-iterate what is about, and in what way any ICT partner could use it to generate sales leads. is an initiative of Helios Marketing Solutions designed to create a meeting point between the offer of ICT products and services (ICT partners) and the demand constituted by any user who has an ICT related project to complete.

How do we achieve this? Due to the fact that has made available to the general users its databases of ICT partners operating in Italy and UK (for now, there is actually a team of agents working on the qualification of the French and Spanish data bases. Europe completed by 2nd quarter 2014). Those databases have been enriched by the information taken from the company’s websites, reporting all the brands that a particular ICT partners offers. On the Home page of there is a section offering searching facility as you can see from the screen shot below:

All the user needs to do is entering the information required to run a basic search. The result will look like the next screen shot(I have entered in the box with geographical information just UK):

In case the user actually needs to refine the search in greater detail, the advanced search facilities can be used by clicking on the Advanced tab which is structured on two levels of criteria. The first level has four search boxes available which can be used in any combination between them.  The user who wishes to take advantage of those facilities will achieve a result looking similar to the list in the picture above but, obviously, relevant for the conditions entered. This is how this section looks like:

If the user needs even more detail, by clicking on the More Options link will access to the second level of Advanced searches as it follows:

So now that you have appreciated the level of details that we put into our databases, I would like to show you the opportunity that an ICT Partners who is listed has. Firstly I will demonstrate to you what comes on the screen when a User clicks on one of the names reported into the search result list on the screen. Here is a screen shot:

AS you can see there are all the details to contact that particular company, a map with all the navigation facility that you can expect, so that the User will now be in possession of all the details to decide whether to give you a call or not. In case he does, afterwards the User has the opportunity to leave comments (hopefully good!!) on your company and also have the chance to vote your company expressing his appreciation in a scale between 1 and 5 stars. The vote will then be displayed on your page. At the bottom of the page the blue box dedicated to your offer is a tool available to you to encourage the users to become your potential customers. All this is available for FREE to any company which is listed in our directory.

There are also additional feature on designed to better showcase your Company such as the Front Page Carousel and Bespoke Full Page. Both of them are normally paid for features, but for a limited window of time to mark our first quarter in operation I am proud to offer the full package for FREE….but I will come to that in more details ate the end of this post.

Here is a screen shot for the Front Page Carousel which you will find on the right end column under Our Sponsors heading:

Any ICT partner who wishes to showcase his company can take advantage from this opportunity of publishing to the first page a box with his high resolution logo and a short description (140 characters, probably the most lucrative tweet that you will ever write). The Carousel has a scrolling mechanism so all the companies listed get to go on the top position one in a while. The Users, whose attention is captured by your logo or by the accompanying text, will get to your Bespoke page by clicking anywhere in the box. Remember that all this is FREE for a limited amount of time…but as I said I’ll come on to that at the end.

Following is a screen shot of the Bespoke Page:

As you can see in this Bespoke Page, that in order not to give any head start to any ICT Partner in our website is the Helios Marketing Solution page, the users will find all the information needed to know better your company along with the details to contact you. More importantly under the heading Collateral in the bottom right corner of the page they have a link to a DOWNLOADABLE PDF file that you will provide to us for publication. The PDF file could be as large as 32MB and, as you know could contain hyperlinks to your website and or web forms. The PDF file can be updated as often as you like by sending to us an update and fresher version.

How do I claim my 3 months free advertisement?

Easy, as I have already told you in the section above, all you have to do is just register onto and fill the web form located on the tab called ADS on any page of the site. Or just click this LINK . At the end of the 3 months of ADVERTISMENT FREE OF CHARGE you will not have to do anything unless you desire to confirm the package.










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Avevo la necessita' di acquistare dei nuovi access points ed anche un controller per aggiornare la rete wifi del mio ufficio in vista del fatto che i commerciali usano tutti i tablet e sono continuamente agganciati alla rete. Ho effettuato una riceca sul vostro sito ed ho potuto avere la lista di tutti i rivenditori nella mia zona. Sarebbe interessante anche avere delle offerte on-line o i listini cosi' da risparmiare ancora tempo.
Comunque un buon servizio che raccomandero'.



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GEN, Global Editor Network, e’ un’organizzazione no-profit che ha come sua mission quella di incrementare la qualita’ del lavoro svolto dalle redazioni, siano esse di organi d’informazione della carta stampata, della televione e radio o del mondo digitale al fine di creare un migliore servizio per i lettori.

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Cerchi lavoro?

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ITU, International Telecommunication Union is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.  The Organization is based on the partnership between private and public sectors and do date counts over 700 private companies spread in 193 countries globally. From its headquarters in Geneva publishes statistics papers on the ICT sector which are extremely useful to understand the current trends of the market and, more importantly, to forecast the future ones.

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