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Another hidden business opportunity from EU

09 May
Published by gruti
Hidden opportunity

Very often some of the biggest business opportunity created from the EU go unnoticed due to a lack of publicity and coverage from the media. In our opinion one of those is the Ideal-Ist network which has been created back in 1996 to implement the international cooperation strategy of the European Commission. That strategy had one of its vital point in the global diffusion of ICT projects in order to promote cooperation between ICT partners. Since 1996 the network has immensely grown to reach in excess of 85000 partners not only in the EU countries but also overseas involving companies in Brazil, India, China and South Africa.

The project has a website where ICT partners can either search for projects in their field of specialization and subsequently make contact with the company leading the project to eventually take part on it, or insert their own project which then will be visible to all the users of the network hoping to find a suitable partner.

At Helios we have recently completed a market research for an ICT partner who is specialised in solutions for the travel and tourist industry. Amongst the other sources, we have also consulted the EU commission press office to identify suitable opportunity and this is how we came across to the Idea-Ist network. As a result of our report our client has started a new project in Spain.

In the network there are currently about 200 projects to choose from covering a wide range of ICT specializations across various countries. In the list on the website you will be able to find all the relevant information for the project along with its status of completion. All the projects with a complete status have been successfully implemented.

We highly recommend to all SMB’s operating in the ICT market to give the due importance to EU opportunities in order to strengthen their commercial presence in the market. Such researches can be carried out either in house, providing to have a team of the right calibre able to interact efficiently with official bodies and also to filter all the information obtained, or by appoint a specialised marketing agency who will carry out all the necessary work.


The illusionist Mariano Tomatis has published this video on his website. The video is gone viral quite rightly achieving so far in excess of 670K clicks on You Tube. Can anyone explain this trick?

Thu, 10/10/2013 - 10:52

GEN, Global Editor Network, e’ un’organizzazione no-profit che ha come sua mission quella di incrementare la qualita’ del lavoro svolto dalle redazioni, siano esse di organi d’informazione della carta stampata, della televione e radio o del mondo digitale al fine di creare un migliore servizio per i lettori.

Sat, 05/10/2013 - 12:05
Cerchi Lavoro?

Cerchi lavoro?

Wed, 04/09/2013 - 10:31
Nuove Prospettive

Sul finire dell’estate 2013, che spero abbiate passato in maniera piacevole, abbiamo tutti assistito ad un sostanziale e aspettatissimo cambiamento nel tono delle notizie economiche che ci vengono propinate dai media. Infatti la onnipresente crisi economica che negli ultimi 5 o 6 anni ha funestato non solo le nostre finanze ma ha anche impattando fortemente sulle nostre vite, ha anche dominato e condizionato tutte le notizie che ci sono pervenute.

Sun, 25/08/2013 - 12:56
Europe, 75% internet penetration: world’s no 1

ITU, International Telecommunication Union is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.  The Organization is based on the partnership between private and public sectors and do date counts over 700 private companies spread in 193 countries globally. From its headquarters in Geneva publishes statistics papers on the ICT sector which are extremely useful to understand the current trends of the market and, more importantly, to forecast the future ones.

Wed, 17/07/2013 - 15:01