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How to use the fastest growing multi-brand IT Partner Directory.

01 Mar
Published by gruti

Firstly welcome to our new website!!

With this article I will outline who runs what the website does giving, hopefully, to you a compelling reason to why you will continue to visit. Locator IT is a product of Helios Marketing Solutions Ltd, a UK company that specialises in lead generation, appointment setting and virtual event for Information Technology organisations within the European market. One of the biggest assets of Helios Marketing Solutions is its database consisting in 800 thousands records of companies operating in Europe in the ICT sector as vendors, partners or distributors of the major global brands. The database, which has been enriched over the years, now has all the information about all the IT brands as they would appear on your company web-site. now makes that database available to all potential users of IT products. It was created to offer a simple and easy way for companies to conduct search into IT resellers/partners, before getting in contact and make an evaluation. The end users have the option to search all the IT resellers near to them based on products categories, services offers and brands so they do not need to search on a singular brand’s website to locate the reseller/partner nearer to them. The filtered result will be displayed on screen giving a list of all the IT resellers in the Country and town selected. The picked company’s page will include the address, contact details, brief description – expertise, product focus, accreditations, link to its home page and the list of all the brands it sell. There is also a Google map with the “get directions” tool. is also a great advertising tool for the IT partners. Every company listed in our database and published on have a standard page that we refer to as free advertising. In order for IT resellers to generate high quality leads and increase the chances of being found on search engines, in today competitive markets, you want to appear at the top of the free listing with a pay-for advert. You only need to provide your basic business details, your logo and collateral pdf to best describe your company’s offer. We will then make sure your details appear higher up the search results with so your customers can find your business and contact you. There is also a social media aspect of consisting in the chance for the users of our website to rate your company and to write a comment on it. Ratings and comments are then shared with all the registered users of our website creating in that way a community. Ratings and comments are independently scrutinised by our mediators in order to guarantee high level of quality of the contributions. We also created a Blog section where we will regularly post articles related to the world of marketing in the IT industry and where every user can posts comments and exchange ideas and opinions on the related topic. I am happy to disclose the topic of our next article, which will be centred on the importance of excellent service in the ICT Industry and the best ways for the end users and IT solutions providers to meet in today’s environment. If I have achieved my initial target, now you will have a compelling reason to visit and register!!!! Thanks Feedback is mostly welcome