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7 simple tips for the perfect B2B LEAD

11 Mar
Published by gruti
Lead Generation Tips

Today we would like to discuss what’s new in the B2B lead generation discipline based on our experience and feedback from our clients, so we will mainly talk about the IT industry. We will talk on what steps a lead adviser should follow in order to generate a genuine and effective lead to pass on to the sales team here at Helios Marketing Solutions

Best 7 practices for a perfect Lead:

1. Mindset and Rapport: conversations, not just campaigns with a script 

It is what we call the trusted sales representative: it is a fact that people buy from people they like and trust and from people who are similar to them. They know you and had a consistent dialog. You are credible – They believe you can help them– They like you and want to work with you

2. Clearly defined ideal customer profile

The starting point for any strategy for lead generation must start with you accurately identifying your company’s target customer group. These are the question you should ask yourself before starting a lead generation campaign: Who do we serve? – What problem do they face? What are their priorities and challenges? What difference do you think you as a lead generator are going to make for them? What’s your value proposition? Once you addressed those questions, you can start interviewing your best clients and prospects from your database.

3. Universal lead definition

Allow leads to be scored and prioritized • Defines the degree of sales readiness • requires buy in from sales and marketing The classic definition would be as follow: a response from an individual within a company to a marketing campaign, or someone who demonstrate a genuine interest in your message, product or service. This would be the first layer of the definition. I would add also a meaningful phone or e-mail interaction with that decision maker meeting the requirements of a fully qualified company and audience. Also the individual has to demonstrate not only the interest in the product and service but a specific need in your product and service, hence his/her requirement. This would be layer 3 and 4. The last level of the definition centers the aspect on the role, within the company, of the individual (responsible for the decision making process in the IT department and who has control over the budget) and the timeline for the purchase.

4. Effective lead management process

Once a database of leads has been created, you have done only half of the job!!! There are several steps you must follow in order to complete the lead generation process. Below the list of the steps:

  • Raw Inquiry => New inquiry awaiting qualification
  • Qualifying => Actively qualifying inquiry to determine if "sales ready" or nurture
  • Nurturing => Nurturing is in progress
  • Sales Ready Lead => Lead qualified by phone as "sales ready" and sent to sales to be pursued

At this point the lead generator’s job is done and the ball goes to the sales team

5. Database treated as a valued asset

The database is the hub of any lead generation strategy not only before starting the campaign but also and especially after. Prior the launch of a campaign, the database will include the target company and its qualified contacts and decision makers. Once the campaign is completed, the database will include all the info, leads, dispositions and feedback that the lead adviser has entered. This will lead to better understanding of your audience for the nurturing process.

6. Multi-modal lead generation portfolio

The lead generation in the IT industry not only does come from cold phone calling, but also from a variety of other channels: branding, public relations, online marketing, e-mail, direct e-mail, events (either face to face or virtual), website and referral. We will discuss in details about each in other articles.

7. Consistent lead nurturing

It is imperative that there is a relevant and consistent dialog with viable potential customers, regardless of their timing to buy. Any marketing manager of an IT company involved in the lead generation system should train the pre-sales representative staff in following these simple steps. This will allow them to produce genuine and effective leads and ultimately increase the conversion rate. In the next articles we will discuss in more details the challenges that many marketing managers within IT companies and their channel partners face when trying to introduce new marketing lead generation tactics.